Sarah Thompson

Gallery: Roadhouse Relics; 1720 S. 1st, Austin, TX 78704

Where Women Create, Spring 2016
Flea Market Decor, Summer 2016

Although drawn to all kinds of musicians, Sarah specializes in the icons of the country and western world. Everyone knows their names - Merle, Willie, Hank, Dolly, Waylon: the list goes on. Sarah likes to show them in typical honky-tonk environments. Sometimes the subjects are portrayed on stage, with a brash showmanship that comes naturally. Other times, Sarah gives us a look at musicians relaxing, hanging out, and doing whatever it is that performers do when they’re not on stage, away from the public eye.  

Largely self-taught, Sarah paints in quick-drying acrylics so she can see results while inspiration is still fresh. She likes to use contrasting blacks, whites, and other dark colors to evoke that late-night, gritty atmosphere of bars and clubs. She also likes to use muted bright colors to emphasize the harsh glare of show business life. Another motif in Sarah’s work is the use of text, often lyrics, added to the painting itself.  

Sarah believes we need music to live well as much as we need anything else. Though not a musician herself, she has been around music and musicians all her life, from an infancy that included regular backstage naps at le Hibou in Ottawa as a baby and  a childhood in Maritime Canada surrounded by fiddlers and other musicians. 

Sarah lives with her husband and son in  Austin, Texas, and devotes as much time as she can to doing what she loves, while at the same time earning a living with one of the city's high-tech companies.